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Sunday, November 4, 2007

WIP Update

I'm taking a break from the Star Scarf to work on a brown and blue (excuse me, chocolate and denim) keyhole scarf. This isn't because I'm sick of the star one, but I end up with a big tangled mess when I try to take it out and about with me since there are two balls of yarn attached to it. They've already gotten ridiculously tangled once, and I don't have the time or energy to pick at knots for a couple hours. Therefore, that is now my stay-at-home project. The keyhole scarf involves only one skein (at the moment) so it's been nice to carry around. Also, it's a really quick knit--I started it last night and am over a fourth of the way done. Go me!

I have fallen out of love with making pom-poms. It's kind of entertaining and they look really cool, but don't make me do it very often. Please?

I should have a finished project to show y'all soon...

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