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Friday, November 2, 2007

New Yarn!

Okay, so it's not for me, but I'm always excited about a trip to the LYS. The girlfriend bought four skeins of this beautiful yarn called Berroco Comfort. It's 50% Nylon and 50% Acrylic, but it feels heavenly. She's making Christmas gifts with most of it, but there is promise of some mittens for me... Excited!

Yeah, I promise I'm working on stuff instead of playing on ravelry... No really, I am...


Tish said...

To answer your facebook question ^^, I'm alive and excited! ZOMG!

To be pertinent to the post...I do have some yarn for y'all ^^, while not luxuriously soft, it is fun and funky confetti yarn that works absolutely great with a strand of something else. I think I also got y'all something else -.- but I can'ts remember. (yay for 85 and 64 cent skeins of yarn!)

Kero said...

OMG excited! Yaaaay!