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Monday, November 5, 2007

A Cunning Hat...

I WILL finish something soon, I promise! I am about 75% done with my keyhole scarf, and will finish the star scarf soon after that.

So. My first non-scarf project is going to be the Jayne Cobb hat from Firefly. However, I am conflicted. For one thing, the only size 10.5 needles I can find are Addi Turbos, and I don't know if I'm prepared to spend $20 on a pair of needles that I might only use once. Also, should I make the hat out of the acrylic yarn that I already have which matches the colors pretty closely, or do I order a kit like this one that includes all the yarn I need and a premade pom pom? Or do I just go and buy the wool, use the pattern off the internet, and make the pom pom myself? I have a lot of scarves to make, so I don't need to decide this anytime soon.

All right, off to hopefully finish my keyhole scarf. Love.

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