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Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm a Bad Person...

... For three separate reasons!

Reason #1: I should be studying.

Reason #2: I haven't updated here in forever.

Reason #3: I spent a ton of money on yarn, some of which includes...

Cascade Sassy Stripes sock yarn. It's really pretty, and nice to knit with.

Some Noro Silk Garden. Not sure what to make with it...

My first skein of Socks That Rock, in the colorway called Pebble Beach. The socks I make from this yarn are going to be mine. ^_^

Knit Picks fingering weight Palette Yarn in Rainforest Heather. Absolutely beautiful!

Becky also bought a butt-load of yarn, and finished her first sock last night! Yay her!

WIP Update... The afghan is hibernating because I'm a little busy at the moment.

Same goes for the Neopolitan scarf. I'm doing a swap on Craftster right now, and it's been fun so far. It's a yarn-related scavenger hunt swap, and we have to send one item from each of the following categories:
1. Something green
2. Something related to the letter "T"
3. Something hard
4. Something funny
5. Something local
6. Something round
7. Sender's choice

I have my round, green, local, and funny taken care of. "T" is halfway done, Sender's choice is halfway done, and hard is almost finished. I don't have to send out until March 19th, but I plan to get done this weekend. After my partner receives, I'll be sure to post what I sent!!

I don't think I've mention this, but one of mine and Becky's favorite authors, Terry Pratchett, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's very recently. In response, the fan group on Ravelry organized the making of an afghan to be sent to him. A bunch of people are submitting blocks, and the middle it's going to say "I aten't dead." I did a square based off of a character named Nobby Nobbs.

I promise it's SUPPOSED to look ugly. Nobby is described as having almost every known (and some unknown) skin colors, boils, and has to carry a certificate proving he's human. I think I pulled that off, yeah? My first time with bead work. I'm so damn proud. All of the Pratchgan squares submitted so far can be seen here. I'll link to pictures of the afghan when the whole thing is finished as well.

I think that's all I've been up to lately... And I have a test I need to study for. I promise a real update soon!


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