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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Free Wool and Snatchels

So, what have I been working on since my last post? I have been making a commissioned scarf, I made a gift for a swap, and I started on a snatchel. Mwa ha ha. Mine is much more feminine and a little larger, but I think it's beautiful. I originally made it to be given away at the Vagina Monologues Raffle, but I don't think they're doing one this year so I'll either keep it or give it to someone (and I have just the someone in mind).

Also, a little LYS love: We were given a bag full of free wool! Mostly fingering weight and in some strange colors, but still! And we're kind of sure that some of it is a little old, but it's going to make lovely things nonetheless. I'll post a stash-pile when I get bored.

Okay, I have homework to get to and a snatchel (tee hee) to knit. Peace!

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