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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Change Your Mind

Well, I decided that the pithy hat was not turning out like I had hoped, so I frogged it. Instead, I cast on the Blanche hat. I'm already finished! It was a really quick knit. It's also very lovely. This was made to match the star scarf, and I'll try and get picture of it and the set up tomorrow. I have also promised to help Becky update her blog, so hopefully I can be productive.

I've decided to hold off on the butterfly scarf and finish all my other gifts first. If I don't get it all done by Christmas, everyone will at LEAST get one gift and then I can give them the second part as I finish.

Next thing to do: Find a hat to match my Wavy scarf.

Oh, and btw.... I bought sock yarn!! Now if only Becky will finish her pair of socks so that I can steal the needles. ^_^

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